Larry Schultz Organic Farm

Schultz's chickens are free-range, certified organic and are never administered hormones or antibiotics. In fact, the family grows most of their crops, grinds their own feed, candles & grades their own eggs (the day they're laid, unlike some farms) and handles most of their deliveries.

Owatonna, MN / website

Peterson Limousin Beef

Peterson Limousin Beef is a family operation specializing in producing a premium-quality natural beef with genetically superior cattle – Limousin

Osceola, WIn website

Beeler's Pure Pork

The Beeler story began way back in 1846 when our great-great Grandpa Fred emigrated from Germany and settled in the gently rolling hills of Madison County, Iowa. On his farmstead Grandpa began raising pigs. Grandpa Beeler’s agricultural endeavors met success when he loaded his provisions into his horse drawn wagon and left Truro, Iowa, headed for Denver, Colorado. Six generations later, we’re proud to say, our family is still carrying on Grandpa’s legacy of raising and marketing pork products.

Le Mars, IA website

Shepherd Song Farm

Shepherd Song is a small family sheep and goat farm in Northwest Wisconsin. We started in 1988 with 15 ewes and the enthusiastic encouragement of 2 Belgian Sheepdogs, Dia and Tye. By the year 2000, our family had grown to approximately 400 breeding ewes, 100 breeding does and 6 llamas.

Downing, WIwebsite

Dragsmith Farms

We grow approximately 30 acres of certified organic produce that we market, along with Bison, Elk, Lamb, Honey, Maple Syrup and many other products from neighboring farms, at our on farm store and greenhouses; some of the finest farmers markets, restaurants and food co-ops in Minnesota and Wisconsin year around.

Barron, WI

Garden Farme

Certified Organic since 1977, and family farm since 1913,  Garden Farme offers specialty market gardening and custom growing for restaurants and caterers. We offer internships with fresh garden food, lodging and cooperative work agenda, and sell 5 gal. wildflower bulk honey. We have a potted tree nursery; 25-acre prairie restoration, and are a permaculture demonstration site.  Available as a host site for agro-ecology research projects, seminars and retreats, private parties, picnics, weddings, plein air painting, et al. Also offer a site to incubate your own micro-enterprise (e.g. CSA, cut flower summer garden, etc). Located 30 miles NW of cities. Call for questions or directions. 

Ramsey, MN / website

Tiny Diner Farm

Two full-time farmers practice permaculture techniques based on whole-systems thinking and grow seasonal produce for all eight of the restaurants at Garden Farme, one of Minnesota’s first organic farms.

More than sixty different crops are grown here, then delivered to the restaurants within hours of harvesting. The farmers and chefs are in constant collaboration, ensuring as much produce as possible is used in new, creative ways.   Over 2000 pounds of produce was harvested in 2016.

Minneapolis, MN / website

Coastal Seafoods

Coastal Seafoods provides quality fish and seafood to over 200 restaurants and co-ops in the 5 state area.

Minneapolis, MN / website

Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery

Ellsworth White Cheddar Cheese Curds taste like no other because they come from 30,000 cows on 450 family farms in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Our farmer/producers are very fussy about quality and it shows in every fresh batch of Cheese Curds they produce. - See more at:

Wisconsin - Minnesota / website





Local Brews and Spirits


Fulton Beer

At Fulton, our passion is brewing extraordinary beer. At the same time, we acknowledge that there are other worthy pursuits. We're inspired by people with passion and a plan--ordinary people pursuing extraordinary lives. That's why we established the Ful10 program, which invests 10% of Fulton's profits in ordinary entrepreneurs.

Minneapolis, MN / website



FINNEGANS was founded in 2000 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from the belief that each and every one of us can make a difference in our community. And that true passion in that belief can move mountains and make magical things happen.

Minneapolis, MN / website


Surly: The anger fueled by the inability to find good beer.

Brooklyn Center, MN / website

The brainchild of St. Paul beer lover Mark Stutrud, Summit Brewing Company was founded with one goal: To bring back the remarkable craft beers once brewed throughout the Upper Midwest.

St. Paul, MN / website


Lift Bridge Brewery

Our mission is simple: to create fine beers for you to enjoy! It is our pleasure to supply you with what you need to help you slow down and enjoy life. Whether that is a Farm Girl Saison®, Crosscut Pale Ale™, an American Pale Ale or any of our other seasonal specialties, we want to brew it our way! We hope that through every bottle and tap pull, you can taste: the history of our City, the pride and fun we have in its creation, the uncompromising natural ingredients and brewing process utilized, and ultimately our sincere hope that we have give an experience that makes you proud to be a beer drinker.

Stillwater, MN / website

Schell's Brewing Co.

One of American's oldest breweries--founded in 1860 in New Ulm, Minnesota.

New Ulm, MN / website


Harriet Brewing

At Harriet Brewing, we believe that intention is the most important component in creating beers. Intention is what what separates a good beer from an excellent beer.

Minneapolis, MN / website

Brau Brothers Brewing Co.

We are a locally owned and operated brewery, producing strictly for a local and regional market. We like to stay close to the beer we produce as well as to the people who drink it. Our modest scale allows us to be more flexible, dynamic, and closer to retailers as well as beer drinkers.

Lucan, MN / website

Flat Earth Brewing

Every Flat Earth beer is brewed using only the finest ingredients and the capital city's purest water. We skip the market research and brew what we believe is a great beer that people will enjoy. Pair any of our beers with your favorite entree, we think there's something for everyone and every taste.

St. Paul, MN / website

Prairie Organic Vodka

Prairie Organic is a corn-based vodka produced by Phillips Distilling Company in Minnesota.

Benson, MN / website